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Other Adhering Country Number of trade union cases 2 NCP Type Single Department with Multi-stakeholder Advisory Board
Description On 8 December 2011, Colombia became the 43rd adherent to the OECD Guidelines. The Colombian NCP is a single department NCP created by Decree 1400 of 2012 and is located in the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism. It has a quadrapartite NCP Advisory Committee comprising representatives of trade unions, business, NGOs and academics. The Colombian NCP consults with other government entities depending on the subject matter of the case.

ResourcesIn its 2013 Annual Report to the OECD, the Colombian NCP reports that it has an annual budget (not specified) and a full-time staff member.

Procedures NCP procedures are set out in Decree 1400 of 2012 establishing the NCP.

Links to Procedures Colombian NCP Procedures: Decree 1400 of 2012

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Contact Information

Full name National Contact Point of Colombia Contact Name Maria Calero Address Directorate of Foreign Investment and
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism
Calle 28 # 13A - 15
Telephone + 57 1 606 76 76 Ext 3119
Second Telephone +57 1 606 76 76 Ext 308/2129
Fax + 57 1 606 9929 Email
Second Email
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Title Date
Complaint: UNI Global Union and UNI Americas V Ripley SA 16 September 2014 (URL last accessed)
Colombian NCP Procedures: Decree 1400 of 2012 8 February 2012


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