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Other Adhering Country Number of trade union cases 2 NCP Type Single Government Department
Description The Peruvian NCP is based in PROINVERSION which is the government agency that is responsible for promoting private investment. The Peruvian NCP has produced a short brochure in Spanish, which sets out the aim of the Guidelines together with the recommendations set out in Chapter II. General Policies in Spanish and English. There is no detailed description of the role of the National Contact Point.

Procedures As of September 2015, the Peruvian NCP had still not developed procedures.

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Contact Information

Full name Peru National Contact Point Contact Name Carlos Herrera Address PROINVERSION - Private Investment Promotion Agency
Av. Enrique Canaval Moreyra Nº 150, Piso 9
San Isidro, Lima 27
Telephone +511 200 1200 Ext 1246
Second Telephone + 511 200 -1200 Ext 1330
Fax + 511 221 - 2948 Email
Second Email
NCP Website
This page is in English
Second NCP Website
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Title Date
Peruvian NCP 2014 Report 21 September 2015 (URL last accessed)
Complaint: UNI Global Union and UNI Americas V Ripley SA 16 September 2014 (URL last accessed)
Peruvian NCP: Informational Brochure 19 March 2012 (URL last accessed)


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