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TUAC Assessment

It is extremely difficult to find information on the Swedish NCP, as the web pages exist in Swedish and not English or French. TUAC has been unable to find any information on where to submit cases, for example.

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OECD member Number of trade union cases 0 NCP Type Tripartite (involving several government departments and the social partners)
Description The Swedish NCP has a tripartite structure with trade unions and business organisations participating as equal members of the NCP alongside relevant government departments including the Ministry of Employment.

ResourcesNo information.

Procedures The Swedish NCP has not published any procedures.

Recent Developments In its 2011 report to the OECD, the Swedish NCP reports that it works in conjunction with the Swedish Partnership for Global Responsibility which promotes both the OECD Guidelines and the UN Global Compact. The Swedish NCP also reports that the Swedish development agency SIDA is making involvement in its Business for Development Programme conditional on an enterprise's compliance with the Guidelines.

NCP Structure

NCP Chair Ministry for Foreign Affairs NCP Member(s) Ministry of the Enviroment
Ministry of Employment
Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications
LO Landsorganisationen I Sverige
SACO - Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations

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Contact Information

Full name Sweden NCP Address Swedish Partnership for Global Responsibility
International Trade Policy Department
Ministry for Foreign Affairs
103 33 Stockholm
Telephone +46 8 405 1000
Second Telephone +46 8 723 1176
Email ga@foreign.ministry.se
NCP Website http://www.regeringen.se/artiklar/2015/05/nationella-kontaktpunkten-nkp/
This web site is in Swedish