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OECD member Number of trade union cases 0 NCP Type Single Department with Interagency Working Group
Description The Slovenian National Contact Point is located in the Ministry of Economy of Slovenia, which is part of the Directorate for Tourism and Internationalization. The National Contact Point is supported by an intergovernmental working group, which was formed on the bases of a decision by the Government. The purpose of the group is to discuss any specific instances and make recommendations. The Slovenian NCP has
also established working contacts with the Slovenian Chambers of Commerce in order to discuss promotion activities for the Guidelines.

Links to Procedures Slovenian NCP - Presentation

Slovenian NCP Guide to the (2000) Guidelines

Recent Developments In its 2011 report to the OECD the Slovenian NCP reported that the Ministry of Justice was now included in the NCP's inter-governmental working group.

NCP Structure

NCP Secretariat Ministry of Economy NCP Interagency Working Group Members Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning
NCP Interlocuters Slovenian Chambers of Commerce

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Contact Information

Full name Slovenia NCP Address Ministry of the Economy
Directorate for Foreign Economic Relations
Kotnikova 5
1000 Ljubljana
Telephone +386 (1) 400 35 56
Second Telephone +386 1 400 3294
Fax +386 1 400 36 11 Email
Second Email
NCP Website


Title Date
Slovenian NCP - Presentation 16 February 2012 (URL last accessed)
Slovenian NCP Guide to the (2000) Guidelines 1 January 2009


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