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OECD member Number of trade union cases 4 NCP Type Single Government Department
Description The Polish NCP is based in the Ministry of Economic Development. It is located within the Minister's Office.

The Polish NCP web site provides links to the OECD Guidelines in English, Polish and Russian and provides a summary of what it considers to be the essential recommendations of each Chapter of the Guidelines:

The web site also provides links to the OECD's sectoral due diligence guidance as well as the Polish NCP's annual reports from 2001-2015.

The Polish NCP reports that its NCP was created in 1998 within the Ministry of the State Treasury, the Ministry of Economy. In 2001, the Polish NCP was trasnfered to the Polish Information and Foreign Trade Agency (PAIiIZ). It was moved to the Ministry of Economic Development in 2016.

Procedures The Polish NCP has published detailed procedures on how to submit a case, which are available in Polish, English, Russian and Ukrainian.

Links to Procedures Polish NCP Procedures (English)

Polish NCP: Procedures (Polish)

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Contact Information

Full name Poland National Contact Point Address Unit for CSR and Stakeholder's Affairs
Minister's Office, Ministry of Economic Development
Pl. Trzech Krzyży 3/5
00-507 Warszawa
Telephone +48 22 273 84 99
Second Telephone +48 22 273 71 16
Fax + 48 22 334 9999 Email kpk.oecd@mr.gov.pl
NCP Website http://www.mr.gov.pl/en/site/polish-national-contact-point-responsible-business-conduct/
This web site is in English


Title Date
Major Cases Handled by the Polish NCP 4 January 2016 (URL last accessed)
Polish NCP Procedures (English) 17 August 2014 (URL last accessed)
Polish NCP: Procedures (Polish) 17 August 2014 (URL last accessed)
ICT Polish Trade Union Case (Party names not published) 16 May 2014