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National Contact Point OECD-guidelines Ministry of Foreign Affairs Directorate General of Foreign Economic Affairs (IMH) Bezuidenhoutseweg 67 2500EB The Hague The Netherlands Phone number: +31703484200

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OECD member Number of trade union cases 14 NCP Type Independent Expert Body
Description The Dutch NCP operates at 'arms length' from the Government. It comprises four independent experts, selected on the basis of their standing and experience in the area of corporate responsibility, and four government advisors (from the Ministries of Economic Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Social Affairs and Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment).

The Dutch NCP restructured as an independent NCP in 2007 under a Government Decree. The independent NCP is hosted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, but the NCP members act independently. The Government can issue a public comment on final statements on specific instances made by the Dutch NCP. The connection with the Government is maintained via the advisory members of the Dutch NCP. Also the Ministry or Foreign Trade instructs the Dutch NCP on decisions of the OECD Investment Committee.

Independent members
Mr. F.W.R. Evers (chair)
Mr. H. Mulder
L. J. de Waal
Prof. Dr. J.F.G. Bunders

Government representatives (advisory consultation)
Drs. R.E van Hell (Economic Affairs)
Drs. M. Gerards (Housing, Spatial Planning & Environment)
Mr. Drs. W.H. Bel (Social Affairs & Employment)
Drs. H.J. Bakker (Foreign Affairs)

Secretariat & communications
Drs. J. van Wijngaarden
M. van Driel
Mr. Y.M. Yu
M. van Yperen MEd. (CSR Netherlands)

Procedures The Dutch NCP has published procedures for handling complaints that includes the following steps:

1. Optional preliminary consultation
2. Confirmation of receipt
3. Choice of NCP mediators
4. Determination of the admissibility of the report
5. Declaration of admissibility
6. Procedure for considering the specific instance
7. Fact-finding
8. Final statement
9. Confidentiality and transparency while the report is being processed
10. Government response
11. Monitoring of agreements set out in mediation deal
12. Timeline

Links to Procedures Netherland National Contact Point: Filing a Complaint

Recent Developments In 2011, the Dutch NCP took the step of including company Works Councils, in its stakeholder group, along with the 'big 4' accountancy firms.

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Contact Information

Full name Secretariat Netherlands National Contact Point OECD Guidelines Address Ministery of Economic Affairs, Agriculture & Innovation
Directorate General of Foreign Economic Affairs (IMH)
Bezuidenhoutseweg 67
2500EB The Hague
Telephone + 31 70 34 84 200
Fax +31703484200 Email
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