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OECD member Number of trade union cases 0 NCP Type Single Government Department
Description The Hungarian NCP is based in a single government department, the Ministry for National Economy. It has one full-time member of staff. The NCP is accountable to its oversight body - the OECD National Council.

The Hungarian NCP has translated the OECD Guidelines into Hungarian and produced a brochure on the NCP in Hungarian.

Procedures The Hungarian NCP has published procedures in Hungarian. It requires the following information when submitting a case (specific instance):

- Name and address of the person or organisation (including telephone, fax number, e-mail address, contact person name and title)
- Description of the circumstances of the case
- Connection with the relevant provisions of the Guidelines
- Any information that is to be treated as confidential including those elements that should not be communicated to the company or made public after the conclusion of proceedings.

Links to Procedures Hungarian NCP - Description of Activities (2011)

NCP Structure

NCP Secretariat Ministry for National Economy

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Contact Information

Full name National Contact Point for Hungary Contact Name Julia Vago Address Department for International Finance
Ministry for National Economy
H-1055 Budapest
Honvéd u. 13-15
Telephone +361 7959899
Fax +361 3742812 Email
Second Email
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Title Date
Hungarian NCP: Links to all Annual Reports 2 August 2015 (URL last accessed)
Hungarian NCP - Description of Activities (2011) 27 January 2012 (URL last accessed)


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