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It is not possible to assess the performance of the Estonian NCP as it has not received any cases to date. The NCP used to have dedicated web pages, but as of September 2015 TUAC can only find the most basic of information at the bottom of a web page on economic development.

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OECD member Number of trade union cases 0 NCP Type Quadripartite (involving several Ministries, the social partners and NGOs)
Description The Estonian NCP is located in the Enterprise Division of the Economic Development Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. It describes itself as tripartite, but as it involves the NGO, the Responsible Business Forum, then this makes it quadripartite.

Procedures The Estonian NCP has not published any procedures.

NCP Structure

NCP Secretariat Economic Development Department, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications NCP Advisory Body Members Estonian Employers’ Confederation
Confederation of Estonian Trade Unions
Responsible Business Forum Estonia
Enterprise Estonia

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Contact Information

Full name Estonia NCP Contact Name Regina Raukas Address Economic Development Department
Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
Harju 11
Telephone +372 625 6350
Fax +372 631 3660 Email
Second Email
NCP Website
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Title Date
About Estonian NCP 3 April 2012 (URL last accessed)
Estonian NCP: Annual Report 2011 1 May 2011


Date content last checked12/04/2016 TUAC affiliate validated NCP validated OECD Watch Member Validated