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It is not possible to assess performance as there have been no cases to date.However it is clear that the Egyptian NCP is facing considerable resource constraints.

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Other Adhering Country Number of trade union cases 0 NCP Type Single Government Department
Description The Egyptian NCP (ENCP) is located within the Ministry of Investment, which is headed by a Director, appointed by the Ministry of Investment. The NCP has an Advisory Committee, which supports the NCP in discharging its responsiblities. The membership of the Advisory Committee includes a trade union organisation.

ResourcesResources is a serious constraint. The ENCP reports that the budget of the ENCP has not been implemented due to bureaucratic procedures and the separation between
the administrative and financial subordination since according to the Ministerial decree establishing ENCP its structure and duties, ENCP is a unit within the Ministry of Investment but it is financed by the General Authority for Investment.

Recent Developments ENCP has encountered a number of difficulties which hinder its activities and mission. Second, since the resignation of the former Ministry of Investment Dr Mahmoud Moheldin in the mid 2010, no new Minister has been appointed which has created administrative vacuum adversely affecting the operation of ENCP. Third, since the 25th of January Revolution, the country including the government and its agencies and institutions has been in a fluid state where a number of activities were on halt in anticipation of the path which the country
will take in the future.

NCP Structure

NCP Advisory Body Members Egyptian Trade Union (name to be determined)

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Contact Information

Full name Egyptian National Contact Point Contact Name Ahmed Kamaly Address Ministry of Investment
Office of the Minister
3 Salah Salem Street
Nasr City 11562
Telephone +202 240 55 452
Fax +202 240 55 425 Email


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