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Non-adhering country Number of trade union cases 18 NCP Type Independent Expert Body
Description In August 2013 the South Korean NCP reported that it in the process of restructuring. The NCP will be re-located in the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board (KCAB), which was founded in 1966. At this time the structure was still being decided. The new NCP is to be staffed by three employees of the KCAB who are lawyers/mediators and experienced in arbitration. There is no web site as yet.

Links to Procedures Korean NCP: Complaint Process

Korean NCP: How to submit a complaint

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Contact Information

Full name South Korea NCP Contact Name Kim sung ryong Address Ministry of Knowledge Economy
Foreign Investment Policy Division
1 Jungang-dong, Gwacheon-si
Telephone +82-02-2186-4212.
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This web site is in English and Korean


Title Date
Korean NCP: Complaint Process 21 September 2015 (URL last accessed)
Korean NCP: How to submit a complaint 21 September 2015 (URL last accessed)


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