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The Brazilian NCP's web site is comprehensive providing access to the OECD Guidelines (Portuguese and English) as well as NCP procedures, NCP Initial Assessments and Final Statements, and NCP Annual Reports to the OECD. Its published procedures, however, are out of line with the OECD Guidelines with regard to parallel legal proceedings and the imposition of a 12-month time for the filing of cases.

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Other Adhering Country Number of trade union cases 22 NCP Type Interministerial Body
Description The current Brazilian NCP was formalised on the 19 February 2013 as an inter-agency body, coordinated by the Secretariat for International Affairs of the Ministry of Finance. It comprises eight ministries, including the Ministry of Labour and Employment, together with the Secretariat of Human Rights and the Central Bank.The different Ministries and departments are legally bound to participate in the NCP.

The Brazilian NCP reports that it regularly consults with the trade union CUT-Brazil.

Procedures The Brazilian NCP's web site describes the information to be included when submitting a case/specific instance. It also provides links to RESOLUTION PCN no 1/2012, which is a legal document setting out detailed procedures. This document is available in both Portuguese and English.

Links to Procedures Brazil NCP: Procedures

Brazilian NCP: How to submit a Complaint

Brazilian NCP: Rule of Procedures (RESOLUTION NCP Nº 01/2012)

NCP RESOLUTION 01/2007 Regulates the presentation of Claims to the NCP

RESOLUÇÃO PCN - Nº.1 de 2007 Regula a apresentação de Reclamações ao PCN

RESOLUÇÃO PCN No 01/2012 - Dispõe sobre a atuação do Ponto de Contato Nacional.

NCP Structure

NCP Secretariat Ministry of Finance NCP Member(s) Ministry of Foreign Relations
Ministry of Labour and Employment
Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Science and Technology
Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade
Ministry of Agriculture
Central Bank of Brazil
National Secretariat for Human Rights and Office of the Comptroller General
NCP Interlocuters CUT Brazil - Central Única dos Trabalhadores

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Contact Information

Full name National Contact Point of Brazil Contact Name Marcos Guimarães, Hevellyn Albres Address Secretariat for International Affairs - Ministry of Finance
Esplanada dos Ministérios, Bloco "P", Sala 219
70048-900 Brasília-DF
Telephone +55 61 3412 1969
Second Telephone +55 61 3412 1910
Fax +55 61 3412 1863 Email
Second Email
Third Email
NCP Website
This web site is in English
Second NCP Website
This web site is in Portuguese


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