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OECD member Number of trade union cases 2 NCP Type Single Government Department
Description The Australian National Contact Point (ANCP) is a single government department with the position held by a Senior Executive of the Foreign Investment and Trade Policy Division at the Commonwealth Treasury.

The ANCP established an Oversight Committee, which is inter-governmental. It is chaired by the ANCP and includes representatives from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Department of Industry, the Department of Employment, the Export Finance and Insurance Corporation and the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade). Other Departments may participate in Committee meetings on an ad hoc basis when issues of interest arise. Treasury officials provide the Secretariat to the Oversight Committee

With the agreement of the Chair, the Oversight Committee may call upon further experts, including external experts, as and when appropriate.

The responsibilities of the Oversight Committee are:

to consider issues of general and specific application of the Guidelines when they arise. The Oversight Committee will consider requests from the ANCP for guidance on the procedures to be followed, for example where there are new or contentious issues to consider, however the Oversight Committee will not make decisions on the substance of Specific Instances;

to oversee and monitor the effectiveness of the operation of the ANCP, ensuring correct and fair procedures are followed in line with the established and published ANCP procedures for dealing with complaints;

to agree any changes in the ANCP's procedures, and develop further procedures;

to consider requests for review in relation to Specific Instances examinations in respect of procedural issues only;

to assist and advise the ANCP in promoting and raising awareness of the Guidelines;

to consider issues where clarifications or improvements to the Guidelines are proposed for bringing to the attention of the OECD Investment Committee; and

to keep its own Terms of Reference public and under review

Procedures The Australian NCP (ANCP) has published guidance on how to submit a case (specific instance) which includes: a list of the information required in the submission; the steps that the ANCP will follow; and the ANCP's approach to confidentiality. It states that the ANCP will "not identify the parties to any specific instance complaint until a final statement closing the matter is made".

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Full name Australian National Contact Point for OECD Guidelines Contact Name Robert Donelly Address c/- Foreign Investment Review Board
The Treasury, Langton Crescent
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