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There is only the basic contact information on the Argentinean NCP's web site. This falls far below the standard that is required.

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Other Adhering Country Number of trade union cases 3 NCP Type Single Government Department
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Manual de Procedimiento del Punto Nacional de Contacto Argentino

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Contact Information

Full name National Contact Point for Argentina Contact Name Ivan Helbling /Juan Pablo Waserman Address Director of the OECD Co-ordination Unit
National Direction of International Economic Negotiations (DINEI)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship
Esmeralda 1212, 9th floor
C.P 1007, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires,
Telephone +54 11 4819 8124
Second Telephone +54 11 4819 7210
Fax +54 11 4819 7597 Email
NCP Website
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